#edtech Literacies Applications

Things are moving fast in the world of online, digital and multimodal literacies. This page collects of case studies relevant to the changing universe of meaning making. Contact us if you would like us to link to your case study.

Illinois Football iPad Initiative—Kolby Jackson
The Use of 3D in Education—Matt Cardinal
Learning in Second Life—Mushih Li
3D Anatomy Apps as Innovative Learning Tools—Gabriele Miotto
'Situated Learning' Using Technology: The AVATAR Club—Michele Kreuscher Galla
Gesture-Based eLearning Systems—Anastasia Jakubow-Rashtchian
Google Earth and Multiple Intelligences—Holly Busboom
3-D Printing in Education—Matthew Bernardy
Makerspace Case Study—Brett Thompson
Multisensory Learning—Keith Stampley
Search and Create Missions—Barbara Petzen
Haptic Feedback—Serena Preston

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