Works and Days

Welcome to Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope’s website. As well as containing information about ourselves and our work, the site is a portal to areas of research in which we are involved.

Transpositional Grammar is a theory of multimodal meaning. Here we provide supporting media for our two volume grammar, to be published in 2019 by Cambridge University Press.

New Learning is our theory of learning in the context of the extraordinary social changes of our times. In this part of the site, we provide material which supplements our book, New Learning: Elements of a Science of Education, Cambridge University Press, second edition, 2012.

Literacies provides supporting material for our book of the same name, published by Cambridge University Press in its second edition in 2016.

Multiliteracies is an approach to literacy which focuses on variations in language use according to different social and cultural situations, and the intrinsic multimodality of communications, particularly in the context of today’s new media.

Learning by Design provides teachers with tools to document their curriculum, using a web planner called a "Learning Module." The purpose of the Learning Module is to map the range of task types or "Knowledge Processes" in which learners are involved.

e-Learning Ecologies explores the affordances of digital media in learning.

CGScholar is a web-based writing and learning environment for learners which brings together formative assessment (diagnosis and feedback) and summative assessment (measuring student progress over time and in comparison with other learners).

Australia links to our research and writing about Australian multiculturalism, 1980-2000.