"After Language"

  • Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2021. "After Language: A Grammar of Multimodal Transposition." in Foreign Language Learning in the Digital Age: Theory and Pedagogy for Developing Literacies, edited by C. Lütge. London: Routledge. Read the preprint here.


  • Interview with Daniel Shea, head of the Scholarly Communication podcast series, at the New Books Network. Daniel is Director of the Writing Program at Heidelberg University, Germany. Listen here.

Book Chapter

Connecting transpositional grammar to multiligualism and its pedagogies.

  • Cope, Bill, Mary Kalantzis and Anastasia Olga Tzirides. 2020 (forthcoming). "Meaning without Borders: From Translanguaging to Transposition in the Era of Digitally-Mediated, Multimodal Meaning." in Multifaceted Multilingualism, edited by K. K. Grohmann. Amsterdam NL: John Benjamins. Read the preprint here.

Journal Article

Exploring artificial intelligence in theory and educational practice, and the transpositions between meaning and quantity.

Book Chapter

  • Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2020. "Foreword: The Problem of Empathy." Pp. ix-xxiii in Parent-Child Research Reimagined, edited by S. S. Abrams, M. B. Schaeler and D. Ness. Leiden NL: Brill. Read the chapter here.