Chapter 5: Learning Personalities

See also: Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2016. "Learner Differences in Theory and Practice." Open Review of Educational Research 3:85–132. | download

Video Mini-lectures

Mary Kalantzis - Human Diversity and Learner Transformation

Learner Identities

Human Movement

Nation Building and the Dynamics of Diversity

Productive Diversity

Meeting the Challenge of the New Xeonophobia

The Responsibilities of Educators

Bill Cope - Learner Differences in Theory and Practic

Introduction to the Issue of Learner Differences

Categorical Differences

Negotiating Categorical Differences

Differences in Practice: The Roma Example

Problems with the Categories of Difference

Lifeworld Differences

The Inclusive School

Supporting Material

On the Significance of Learner Attributes and the Sources of Personality

Edmund Husserl on the Lifeworld

Pierre Bourdieu on Cultural Capital

From Exclusion to Assimilation: The Modern Past

Aristotle on Inequality

Bowles and Gintis on Schooling in the United States

What Sissy Jupe Didn’t Know about Horses

Piaget’s Stages of Child Development

Apartheid Education

A Missionary School for the Huaorani of Ecuador

Speaking Properly

William Labov on African-American English Vernacular

Assimilating Migrants

Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Sophy’s Education

Catharine Beecher on the Role of Women as Teachers

Mary Wollstonecraft on the Rights of Woman

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

Recognition: More Recent Times

Basil Bernstein on Restricted and Elaborated Codes

Dr Spock on Permissive Child Rearing

Simone de Beauvoir on Emancipating Women

Connell on Gender Roles and Masculinity

Kalantzis and Cope on the Complexities of Diversity

Inclusion: New Learning

Kalantzis and Cope on the Conditions of Learning

Inclusive Education Case Studies

Herbert on Aboriginal Pedagogy

Brown v. Board of Education US Supreme Court Judgment

Martin Luther King, ‘I Have a Dream’

Addressing Racism

Bowe on Barriers to Disabled People

Universal Design for Learning

Verran Observes a Mathematics Classroom in Africa

Connell on Changing Gender Roles

Designing for Diversity

Kalantzis and Cope, Seven Ways to Address Learner Differences