'Education is the New Philosophy’

For our argument about the disciplinary status and practices of education, see: Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2014. "‘Education is the New Philosophy’, to Make a Metadisciplinary Claim for the Learning Sciences." Pp. 101-115 in Companion to Research in Education, edited by A. D. Reid, E. P. Hart, and M. A. Peters. Dordrecht: Springer. | download

On Learner Diversity

Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2016. "Learner Differences in Theory and Practice." Open Review of Educational Research 3:85–132. | download

New Learning, A Charter for Change In Education

Ten big ideas for educational reform, developed by the Faculty of the College of Education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign | download

Transformative Pedagogy, Technology, and Blended Learning

A set of videos from an interview with Professor Bill Cope of the College of Education, University of Illinois as part of the Hardie Fellowship of Josh Dean and Mark Sivills investigating Blended Learning and Formative Assessment | link