Conference Presentations

Artificial Intelligence for Education: Theory and Applications

Artificial intelligence has become a much talked-about subject, with the discussion ranging from hype to fear, though without many intermediate positions. In this presentation we offer a broad definition of artificial intelligence (following Alan Turing’s notion of “mechanical intelligence") and a narrow definition (supervised and unsupervised machine learning). On the basis of these definitions we go on to ask, what are the potentials and intrinsic limits of artificial intelligence? We illustrate ways in which we can leverage artificial intelligence in education, both in its broad and narrow senses, with research and development applications in our Learning Design and Leadership Program.

Cope, Bill, Mary Kalantzis and Duane Searsmith. 2020. "Artificial Intelligence for Education: Knowledge and Its Assessment in AI-Enabled Learning Ecologies." Educational Philosophy and Theory 52(16):1-17.

Learning for Work 2 0 - Skills for Digital Working-Learning Ecologies

The Future of Online Learning

Information Literacy and Democracy Conference

Universität Hildesheim, Germany, 19-20 June 2020

On Feedback and Formative Assessment

Presentations by Bill Cope and Rita van Haren for the English Teachers Association of Queensland Masterclass, Virtual Conference, 16 May 2020