Quick Start

A Quick Start Guide to Creating a Learning Module Online

  1. Login at http://CGScholar.com – signing up is free. Create your profile. See Sections 1 and 2 of the Scholar Tutorials.
  2. Go to the Creator area in Scholar => Works => New => Learning Module. To learn how to use Creator and how to make Learning Modules, see Sections 3 and 5 of the Scholar Tutorials.

3. Outline your objectives in a full width section, using this icon:

4. Create the activities for learners in the left side of a two sided section, and for teachers on the right side, using these icons to indicate the principal knowledge process in each section (copy and upload the icons):

Activities that bring in the students’ own experiences and existing knowledge.

Activities that immerse students in new experiences or information.

Activities that get students to group and classify things, form concepts and define terms.

Activities in which students tie concepts together into generalisations or map the interconnections between concepts.

Activities which explore cause, effects, relationships and functions.

Activities which explore motives, purposes and interests.

Activities that require application of knowledge to actual problems and real world situations.

Activities that require the transfer of knowledge to new situations and different contexts.

5.Go to Creator => About this Work => Publish to find a publisher who might arrange peer review of your Learning Module, or publish it directly.

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