Knowledge Objectives

What? Knowledge Objectives are the intended learning aims or goals of the Learning Element identified and grouped in terms of the primary focus of each aim or goal – so the teacher is prompted to identify Experiential, Conceptual, Analytical and Applied objectives. The Knowledge Objectives should be closely aligned to the learning activities-Knowledge Processes, which they preface and mirror, and echoed in the Knowledge Outcomes which are designed to indicate achievement of the Knowledge Objectives.

Why? Clearly identifying the Knowledge Objectives means the teacher is upfront and explicit about their purpose. The Knowledge Objectives serve to guide the rest of the design process – if an activity-Knowledge Process does not serve an objective, if it does not enable an objective to be met then the teacher is prompted to consider its need. Encouraging teachers to identify the focus of their objectives – experiential, conceptual, analytical or applied – scaffolds more complex considerations regarding the purpose or intent of their objectives.

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