New Media Opportunities

Pedagogical Alternatives in Technology-Mediated Environments

In this series of videos, we explore the transformations in learning that are possible in technology-mediated environments, offering examples from our CGScholar research and develoment work. We can use digital media to prolong the life of old ways of learning - for instance, where the video-lecturing teacher, the monovocal e-textbook or the the bullet-pointed PowerPoint presentation transmit facts and concepts to (presumably) unknowing learners. How can we use the affordances of networked digital media to do something different? Can we imagine learning where the knowledge that learners bring to the table is also valued? Where learners' knowledge repertoires are extended as they actively make new knowledge? Which build collaborative knowledge cultures? In these videos we explore ways in which a "reflexive pedagogy" can offer some practical answers to these questions.

These videos are also available in Learning Module format in CGScholar.

1. The Means of Production of Meaning

2. The Forms of Classroom Discourse

3. The Social Relationships of Text and Learning

4. The Text of the Classroom

5. Assessment of Learning and Literacies