Chapter 13: Making Audio and Oral Meanings


13.1 Making Audio Meanings

13.2 Making Meanings Using Oral Language

13.3 Synesthesia and Mode Shifting Between Oral and Written Meanings

13.4 Classroom Discussion in Speech and Writing

Supporting Material

Good Vibrations, Gorman, Zanotto, Aspden and van Haren

Singing Together, Giving Together, van Haren, Libbis, Gorman and Loudon

Soundscapes, Miller and van Haren

Ball on Meanings in Music

Chanan on the Invention of Recording

Oral Meanings

Halliday on Speaking

Texting is Not Writing

Paths to Synaesthesia: Crossovers between Oral and Written Meanings

Speaking Like Writing

Written Classroom Discussion in New Media

From Theory to Practice

Learning Modules

#edtech Literacies Applications

Further Reading

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