Chapter 1: Literacies on a Human Scale

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Kalantzis, Mary and Bill Cope. 2006. "On Globalisation and Diversity." Computers and Composition 31:402-411. | download


1.1 Introduction to the Concept of Literacies

1.2 First Languages

1.3 Starting to Write

1.4 Digital Literacies


First Languages

Deutscher on The Unfolding of Language

Edward Sapir on Differences in Language and Culture

Abley on Threatened Languages

Everett on the Pirahã Language of Brazil

Whorf on the Hopi Language

Levi-Strauss on the ‘Savage Mind’

Cope on Indigenous Australian Language Change

Starting to Write

Diamond on the Origins of Writing

Childe on Writing in Ancient Sumeria and Egypt

Crystal on Language Death

Ong on the Differences between Orality and Literacy

Socrates on the Forgetfulness that Comes with Writing

Levi-Strauss on the Functions of Writing

Goody on the Differences between Orality and Literacy

Gellner on the Logic of Nationalism

Febvre and Martin on the Coming of the Book

Rose on the Idea of the Author

The Origins of Modern Textual Architectures

New Media, New Literacies

Kress on Writing and Image Cultures

Jenkins on Collective Intelligence and Convergence Culture

Crystal on the Multiplicity of the English Language

Lankshear and Knobel Remix Lessig

Benkler on Social Production

Raymond on Open Source

Eight Aboriginal Ways of Learning

Further Reading

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