Chapter 9: Making Meaning by Reading


9.1 Learning to Read: Phonics

9.2 Learning to Read: Reading for Meaning

Supporting Material

In the Written Mode: Learning to Read

van Haren and Gorman, Wombat Stew

Doykas, Gray, Marsden, Queripel, Kiddy and van Haren, Diving into Books

Radvanyi, Gill, Nott and van Haren, Trash: A Novel Study

van Haren and Nott, Animal Farm

Working at Reading

Chall, Debating Phonics

Schoenfeld and Pearson on the Reading Wars

Goodman on Reading

Dougherty Stahl on Constrained and Unconstrained Reading Abilities

Anderson on a Balanced Approach to Reading

Connecting the Sounds of Speech with the Visuals of Writing

Meyer on Spelling Rules that Work Only Sometimes

Wendy Cowey on Literate Orientation

From Theory to Practice

Learning Modules

#edtech Literacies Applications

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