Chapter 12: Making Spatial, Tactile and Gestural Meanings


12.1 Spatial, Tactile, and Gestural Meanings

12.2 A Grammar of Spatial Meaning

12.3 Tactile Meanings

12.4 A Grammar of Tactile Meaning

12.5 Gestural Meanings

12.6 A Grammar of Gestural Meanings

Supporting Material

Learning Through Spatial, Tactile and Gestural Meanings

van Haren, Gorman, Livingstone, Hasler and Owens, Lin Yi’s Lantern

van Haren, Keteurah Gill and Kim Smith, Chinese Shadow Puppetry in Woodwork

Spatial Meanings

Bachelard on the Poetics of ‘House’

Whyte on the Social life of Small Urban Spaces

Weishar on Going Shopping

Tactile Meanings

Scollon on Mediated Discourse

Lillian Katz on Play and Disposition

Gestural Meanings

Miller on the Sari

Goffman on the Presentation of Self

McNeill on Gesture

Moodie on Body Talk

Paths to Synaesthesia: Making Connections between Spatial, Tactile, Gestural and Other Modes of Meanings

Kress on Multimodality in the Science Classroom

From Theory to Practice

Learning Modules

#edtech Literacies Applications

Further Reading

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